Whatever your flavor of play—Texas Holdem, Rummy, Euchre, Speed or Spades—PLAY IN STYLE (FWK style, that is) with the all new Government Gangsters Deck exclusively available at FightWithKash.com. All net profits from the sales of these cards go to The Kash Foundation fund which supports whistleblowers, education, defamation cases, etc.

Special cards include:

  • King Donald the ruler of the land, conqueror of Deep State combatants
  • FWK Golden Punisher symbol of fighters against corruption
  • Jester Biden the fool who falls up the steps of Air Force One
  • Nancy Shaman sorcerer of plots against the King
  • Sir Rosenstein perpetuator of Deep State debauchery

This deck features 52 high-quality cards, with a special low offer for those that are serious about learning the truth and how they can help get the message out. The cards have a quality protective coating and top-tier craftsmanship to make the cards last for years. The cards are poker size, with jokers and instructions included.

Limited time offer!

Only $19.99 per deck.

244 in stock

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

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